Can I start learning violin at 20?

Yes, you probably can. All it takes is a little planning. You can learn, play, practice, and repeat the day and a half in a day. But you’ll need to work a little bit faster to learn all the skills as you progress. If you need more time, there’s no need to rush. The time investment might not be worth it.

The American people are tired of government control of their lives. They want control of their money. They want control of their health care. And they want the government out of our bedrooms.

That’s why the people want Donald Trump to be their president.

Here is how you can get involved.

1. The petition. Signing the petition is an important step.

Donald Trump has stated many times that the American people will only trust him if they are given full, complete, and un-revised information about him. If we don’t know his policies and policies will be harmful to the average Joe, we are in trouble.

A petition that tells everyone why you need to vote for Donald Trump is a way to do just that.

2. Follow the hashtag: #VoteForOurDems #VoteForOurReps #VoteForOurLiberals.

This is the easiest and greatest way to get involved. If you feel that the Republican Party is your party, share it in hashtags such as ” #VoteForOurDems #VoteForOurReps”. If you do this enough times, you’ll be rewarded for doing so.

You know we can count on you to help get Trump, Pence, and their minions elected to the nation’s highest office. So use this hashtag to help tell your friends and coworkers about the necessity to vote for the Democrats.

3. Volunteer.

We know the American people want to see Republicans lose their seats when Hillary Clinton (and many more Dems) wins their congressional seats. In this election, I want to see Republicans lose control of Washington. The American people are fed up with the political status quo. They want to stop the GOP from becoming what it is becoming: a party with radical, extremist ideology that would hurt the average person. They want leaders who will stand with the common people of America. They want people who will stand for those things to come from your party. I know there are many ways to be a part of the #VoteForOurDems movement, but it always comes down to volunteers.