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The instrument has to be very expensive. One of the ways to do so is by buying top-of-the-line instruments, and it’s quite likely that someone will be interested in taking a shot at a Violin for many reasons and none of them are good reasons to do it.

When I read about violins, I get very interested because of all the great things they have achieved, and some of them make the violin seem less expensive than it actually is in many ways, and yet I also love the idea of it being a very affordable instrument.

My first violin was bought from the famous French manufacturer, Breguet. This violin was actually a special edition and would have cost about $20,000 in those days. The same Breguet violin was made the same year for the same year, and when I bought it I thought “You know what this is? What am I doing with all this money I’ve just spent? I know how expensive that is!” The Breguet violin, in my opinion, came out very cheaply in my opinion. However, I still look forward to buying a new one of these, because one of the wonderful things about this instrument is that they are made with carbon fiber, and as you can see, it is still very lightweight and flexible.

I bought a violoncello, in particular. That’s very rare and expensive – between $100 thousand and $300 thousand. It used to be quite affordable in the beginning, but there are not many violonies made with carbon fiber as the main material anymore. But the value in a Violoncello is absolutely priceless. One of my violins is actually made from a “Tortoise”, which I think is very unusual to say. It has the same materials as a Violin with the exception that the ribs aren’t as thick as on the Violin. We got it from a company in England. I am very passionate about using only the best materials and the best machinery available, just to get the most out of it. You need the best quality instruments.

So, do we really need violins at all because of the cost?

Of course not. If someone buys something without first looking inside, what’s to stop them? If they buy a new house, they might decide to go a different direction, or maybe change a certain thing in their lifestyle and so forth. However, there are things that have to be done to make violins possible

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