Are violins expensive? – How To Learn Violin Faster Horses 2018

There is no absolute figure that will apply to all violins in the world. If you use a new, higher priced Violin for a gig, then it’s likely that the same violin will be cheaper to buy at a new, more famous shop than it will at one of the smaller ‘down time’ shops. The problem is, when you take into account every price point of the violin you’re buying, whether it’s a bargain or something you’ll need regularly, there’s a bit of a mess.

Do you get to choose the colour of the violins?

All of your violins come in the same colour if you buy them direct from Stradivari. All his violins have white or light brown inlays. However, some of the later models of violins (particularly for lower priced instruments) have coloured inlays that the other models don’t. This allows you to select your own colour.

Are violins comfortable?

You’ll find that there seem to be varying degrees of comfort with each of your violins. If you’re a beginner you might find your violin becomes almost too ‘laid-back’. But if you’re comfortable with both your hand and head (especially in the hands), and there are a lot of different notes to play, you can enjoy having a large space to manoeuvre and playing in a relaxed ‘tug-of-war’ or ‘battle’ way.

What length are violins?

All Strads are between 1 and 2 1/2 feet long with one model measuring a slightly longer, and even a slightly longer.

Are some violin makers making custom strings?

The majority of brands now offer violins that include a custom stringing option. There are lots of small independent violin builders and violins manufacturers in the UK, and a large selection online. It’s often cheaper and better to try a new brand on a personal violin, so ask, and some manufacturers will be more than happy to share samples, strings etc, and show you what’s in the can.

Should I buy a Strad?
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I can get a great deal on most Strads, but as a rule I always buy my Strad with the best stringing and quality I’m willing & able to afford. If I’m spending time learning violin, playing at home, or even just enjoying the music playing on the instrument, I’ll need to look at which will suit that type of lifestyle best.

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