Which size ukulele is best?

I can’t think of two that work better for ukulele playing than the standard ukulele.

I’ve played both, most in the size 12. I’ve played around 2-3 hours or so using them for small gigs. I’m a huge advocate of standard size 10. It is much easier to carry and it is much stronger (I’m a 5’10 guy). If you know about a guitar and can make the changes, you can be pretty comfortable with small size 8/12 ukulects. I’m a bit more of a 7’er, but they are just as solid as my standard size 10. For me, I prefer this, due to the more aggressive sound.

How do ukuleles sound? When a person hears ukuleles, what’s their first impression? I’ve had the opportunity to see and hold them personally for my friend who was at a gig in New York recently. He used a standard 8 ukulele and he was blown away by how nice it sounded! He was also impressed that he was able to play the same notes, when they were played by the standard sized ukulele.

I’ve had similar experiences as well. For example, I played two different ukuleles last night at a very small gig. One was a 6′ ukulele, and the other was a 12′ ukulect. There were only 15 people in the entire venue. He told me that his first impression was that it sounded a lot bigger. I had to tell him that he was right. He had heard the ukulele and was blown away by it. When I asked what he thought of it, he said he thought it sounded very nice. The sound was very nice when we were mixing the music that night and he was also impressed by the feedback that the ukulele made and especially the feedback that it didn’t make.

Is anyone actually trying to steal my music? When you say “you can use the same tracks that you play on that ukulele”. I’ve heard this a lot, so the answer is probably no. But if you don’t know if it’s going to change, then be sure to check out the links I’ve included at the end of the FAQ to find out if there’s any risk.

Can I buy something from you and have it sent to me? No. The reason is very simple. I’m a very