What kind of ukulele should I buy? – Guitar And Ukulele Songs

That’s the question. When you get serious into this instrument, you will have a choice and you won’t be satisfied just buying what the market offers. You will need to learn how to learn, practice, learn again etc. This is why you want to look up the tips from many sources online first.

To make sure what will be best for your ukulele building, you will want to get some tips from the best ukulele builder around, David Firth.

David Firth’s ukulele building tips are also available on his website ukulele-buildingtips.com

How Should I Build Up My Ukulele?

So you’ve built your ukulele and you’re satisfied with your build. Now what?

First thing is to know that it goes without saying that you want to keep the instrument in a good state. That is if you want to play and learn. However, this does not mean you should go and live in a fancy house with a pool table, it will not help you learn music in no time.

What might help you is a little bit on the “up” side. Start with building a ukulele where the string is very thin, it should be made of wood; the wood in ukulele makes the strings resonate, which means better resonance. Also you will want the lower strings on the ukulele to last longer as the string will get longer with age. The string will get dull when you are not using it to play your ukulele or when it gets dirty. Finally you will want to make sure the tuning is not too tight and you know the right strings to use. Do not play with a tuning fork since the tone is too soft and it can cause a break in the ukulele.

The best ukulele builder says you should start with a very basic ukulele. Just make it small and light until you grow accustomed to it and practice a bit on it. Then add different sizes to it and make the length a bit longer or shorter based on your needs when you are about to travel to any country.

This way you will get a feeling of the ukulele and how it will sound; the best way of learning the ukulele and getting used to things is with practice.

If you make the ukulele longer the bass will get bigger than the treble.

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