What is the hardest musical instrument to play? – Ukulele Chords

Can you describe it in a sentence or less about it?

The hardest instrument I’ve ever tried to learn is the guitar! I’ve had a number of my friends try to play, but have given every indication they were never going to catch it. That really put a damper on learning. The other one is the piano, but I’ve never mastered it. But the one I think is the hardest to teach me is the trumpet. I think I’m starting to make good progress with that, but it’s still kind of challenging.

Have you ever had anyone try to teach you an instrument they don’t like? If so, what did they say and why did they say it?

Yes! At least twice…I think it happened twice before I started playing piano and got me over the hump. And then the first time it happened I was practicing with my mom. She’d been a professional trumpet player for years and played my dad when he was playing piano. She said, “You should play trumpet just as well. I know you can play.” And before she left I started rehearsing with her and we worked on it. By the time we were done with rehearsal I had the first song in the world written on it, “I’m a Good Boy.”

Were you a jazz musician before you became a trumpet player? How is playing jazz compared to playing trumpet?

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Just enough to have that feeling that, “What if I can have a career out of this?” and just enough to keep growing and keep learning as much as I can.

A lot of people seem to be interested in your music as well as your acting and acting out of your music, but there might be one other major area that comes up in all of that conversation…

My wife. We’re trying to get a baby and she’s pregnant for her 1st birthday. I’m not very involved and if I were, it would be done in the house. But that’s not how it is.

Have you ever considered recording a band or performing some kind of recording on an album? Maybe something as big or as different from your music as it could be?

I would probably record an album first, but not a full-length. I’ve never written an album before and I’m not sure I know how it would work. I could try it, but I wouldn’t do it for the money. I’m not sure how much money you could get for recording and releasing an album

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