Should I use a pick with my ukulele?

Do I need to use pick-ups on my uke?

When I need to use my ukulele, how do I do it?

How can I find out when my ukulele has been serviced?

What is the difference between pick-ups and ukuleles? It’s hard to find out when they are being serviced, if they were abused, or what sort of maintenance they’ll need. That’s where our website comes in, if you want to know the status of your ukulele in less than 5 minutes, give us a call anytime! Our experienced staff will be happy to assist you!

For more than a year, Microsoft’s Xbox Live service has been a haven for Xbox One players with issues in other gaming platforms. Recently, the Xbox Live website’s troubleshooting page became a bit of a joke – with a lot of people trying to make jokes about the fact that some games in the store simply refused to load even after being downloaded multiple times.

With the next beta build for Xbox One finally going live, we’ll be able to see if this is related to a new update or if just people were having issues with the initial launch of the console. There’s no telling what else is going to be in this new beta update; however, for now, let’s check out some of the most annoying issues and see what we can do about them.

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“I just started playing Gears of War 4,” said user @Hugh_Rib. “After I played for a few hours, I realized I can’t move or even get a weapon off the ground.”

“The game loads, but the characters aren’t moving,” wrote @Nigel_Ole. “Maybe that is because I just installed it on my Xbone controller, but I can’t seem to get anything to move.”

“I play this today and it’s a very small multiplayer game, yet somehow, all of my teammates keep running off the map on their way back to base. They’re all jumping over obstacles.”

This is very frustrating after playing with friends; it seems like if you just keep pressing buttons at will while trying to do something, the next button you press won’t bring it on to where you need it to be.

“I am just starting a campaign and I started this game but the game refuses to load. I tried to launch the game, nothing happens after clicking load and selecting a campaign”