Is the ukulele a good first instrument? – Fan Strum Ukulele

How do you get an audience going with a ukulele when one has never heard one at a concert before? Let us talk about some of your favorite ukulele videos and tips!

How to chuck/chunk/palm mute - VERY Easy Ukulele Strumming Tips ...

1. The ukulele is fun to play, too.

There is so much information you can take away from the ukulele’s beautiful sound. It is really not about which string is the best, it is about how you play. Some string choices can seem intimidating, it’s easier to think about “what is my favorite one” than which one is my favorite. Learning what they are and what style you prefer when learning a new instrument can be a nice learning curve, especially considering a uke can be the same for many people. You don’t need to have perfect fingering (because that’s easy), but learning the key of each type of string (and the notes that go with that key), helps so that you can pick the uke that’s right for you instead of picking at random. It’s easier to understand what your ukes sound like when you can get comfortable playing with it and practice it a little bit.

2. Learn more.

In the video above, we talk about playing ukuleles when they’re new. If that’s not your first instrument, you still should go through an uke shop or music store and get more information about what uke you need to purchase and which instruments work best for your style. Even though it’s not your first, you should also learn a bit about the instrument you’re picking for the first time, whether it’s a guitar, ukulele, saxophone, or trumpet. You don’t know what type of sound you’ll get at that stage, so you need to hear your ukulele in a different setting to figure out which one you prefer. It will also pay to take a uke to the public and see what you enjoy! It’s nice to see what other types of musicians are doing, and see if you can be in tune with their playing. I think the fun of learning a new instrument is to see what you can hear in the uke that you are already into. You have to keep practicing. Practice is the first thing every single new musician needs to do, and that includes ukulele playing. I think playing is a whole lot more fun when you are having fun than when you are working and putting in the hours. Once you are confident but comfortable playing

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