Is learning ukulele hard?

No. The music itself is an easy way to learn music and the structure is just as easy. It is also one of many ways to improve your overall ability in music by having fun and being in contact with others, so do it!

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In 2010, Dr. Ben Taub was running an MRI scanner in the lab at the University of Texas at Austin when he spotted a small object in the glass of his MRI machine. “The object was one of the last bits we’d removed,” he says. The object was just a couple of feet from a specimen of human bone, which had been sliced open and stored away to be studied later.

Taub started examining the remains. Then he noticed a second object about the size and shape of a walnut. “Everything was still fresh,” he says. “It was just our bone. I couldn’t tell where it came from.” The next day, Taub found out that the bones belonged to a child who died of leukemia—and that the other bones belonged to two more children that died after being treated by a medical team in the early 2000s. In addition to the child, the bone from a woman was also found in 2004 in another region of the state; in a third case, bones from three people were found in different parts of the state in 2005. The remains of 12 children, all of whom died of leukemia, are awaiting DNA testing; two others died of leukemias in 2002.

Taub is one of several researchers that has been studying the causes of the leukemia in Texas as part of a multi-pronged effort to learn more about the disease. There have been hundreds of these genetic tests, and thousands of these people have been tested. The results of each person’s genomic analysis tells the story of their health, and they’re telling a whole story. But the study continues: Researchers still don’t know the exact reasons that such a large number of leukemia cases are coming to light in different parts