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I used to be so terrified of learning the ukulele. It was all very scary, and to this day I don’t play ukulele on the road unless I’m playing with a friend or family.

I’m a huge musician. In the past year I have released a dozen singles and 2 records. Some of them have been hits such as “Shake it Up”, “It’s Just The Weather” and the song “Faster”, which has now been featured on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”. “I’m the One” has been a top UK song for 12 months.

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Why is ukulele playing an integral part of your life?

The reason I’ve become so interested in learning ukulele is because I’m getting older, and I now have my own studio and am working with some really good people who know what they are doing. Even though my music career has finished I plan on continuing to give musical expression to a wide range of musical interests. Also, learning the ukulele seems to be the only instrument which I can afford, and if I want to do more I’m very likely to have to get my own gear so it doesn’t feel like I’m being wasteful as I spend all my money on music.

What are the most important things you need when teaching a new ukulele player?

I try to keep the emphasis on playing easy tunes over complex chords (i.e. ukulele not piano). The goal is to get the student to be able to play as easily as possible a tune which you have written.

What is the most unique instrument you have ever seen?

My first ukulele was a red one, which was a pretty cool piece of equipment but I can’t remember the name of it. I’m fairly confident that I can recognise a lot of unique instruments from the ukulele but I suspect that it would be hard to put together an alltime list of unique instruments. The guitar is a fantastic instrument and certainly something that is not restricted in the way it can be made by any single manufacturer, as is the ukulele

Do you play ukulele for yourself and your son? Or do other relatives or friends give you lessons?

I play ukulele mainly with my son but when I teach it with other people I like to play with a good accompanist, preferably with the same teacher, as

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