Is harmonica easier than guitar?

Yes, harmonica is much easier than guitar. You can learn how to tune harmonica from basic notes and chords. Once a beginner starts to learn how to play harmonica in piano keys, the technique will be much easier and you can play it in your own style.

Do you have to learn the violin before you can perform on the piano?

Yes, you will need to learn the violin before you can learn the keys on piano. This is true for any instrument, you can learn both if needed.

Do I need to train and practice with other musicians?

There is no “training” for learning piano – and that includes playing with other musicians. In fact if you try to learn piano with another musician, I suggest you play their instrument in your own style for a while before you bring another player into the mix.

You could also choose to learn both with your own musician and a great teacher that has already been playing with you for years.

Can I learn the piano while I am travelling or working?

No, you must always have time to develop your skills and it is better to learn piano in a quiet and private setting than it is to learn it when you are traveling at one of the “hot corners” of the world – where you may find your music being misapplied or misheard.

What will my age be, and will I be able to play piano if I age out?

The minimum age age to learn piano is six years old. It is also best to know your keyboard playing, so you don’t fall out of tune and have to re-learn it all over again.

Why is it called ‘Musical Memory’?

My mother was a teacher of piano. She used to say, “Musical Memory is the ability to carry songs back into the mind, so that the memory will still exist.” But there was no such word as musical memory until very recently.

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In the past, piano teachers trained other musicians and students and then they taught them the musical skills of piano. This way, you could learn piano and still know how to play. There was no “musical memory” until very recently and it has a long way to come.

How can I learn to play the piano?

My teachers and I suggest that you find your own method of learning piano. Most musical instruments have a good, short and easy learning method that will develop you into a professional piano musician at