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A ukulele is an inexpensive instrument to play. It is not so inexpensive however that you would want to start off with one.

For those that do like ukuleles, they are generally priced at about £90 (about AU$200). And this price is one that most people in the English speaking world would be happy with.

However, you can play ukuleles cheaper here in the UK but it’s not a good idea to start off with an expensive instrument.

You will probably need an inexpensive ukulele for singing if you plan to sing in school as it is necessary for learning how to play.

The other thing to remember with ukuleles is that you will need an instructor to teach your ukulele.

For the average person who wants to learn how to play ukuleles, your instructor will cost about £350 (about AU$460). The instructor will be looking at your ability to learn and also the ability to pay and how well you can manage to pay them back.

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