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My mom got me into ukulele around the same time my dad did, so she did not take long to get me into ukulele, but she did not learn it well either….but at the age of 14, it took me 3.5 years to learn it. My dad had to help me a lot in that time, but he really helped me the most by teaching me how to play the ukulele and what to do when I messed up when I was playing. Once my mom got me on the ukulele, she taught me how to play it well, and I have played on it ever since. In fact, my mom has taught me how to play all of her ukulele’s. My sister started playing around the same time my dad did, which she said took her a couple of years, but she has never had a problem with it.

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What is your favorite ukulele? I really like the Korg MS-20. It is so simple and it sounds amazing. My favorite instrument ever!!

Did yo mama or grandpa know you liked music? Did my mom or grandpa know I liked music? No, not really. We never talked about music except when I used to pick my favorite songs from the radio or when Grandma and Mom would be doing the dishes so I could hear what they were singing. Most of the time Grandma and Mom would be asleep until around 1 o’clock or so, when my father would pick me up at about 8:30 or so. My father did most of the housework, cooking, and cleaning, but he did take me everywhere when Grandma and Mom would be away, just so I could just go play guitar. I loved playing guitar, ukulele, and bass when Grandpa and Mom were doing stuff, and of course all the other things I had to learn on my own…but I really did enjoy playing with Grandpa as much as possible. I think my parents are just really proud of me for being a musician.

If you could only travel one country in North America, where would that be? I would like to go to the US. I think this country has so much to offer and I would love to experience the US from a new perspective.

Would you want to write your own song? As long as I can sing well enough to play the ukulele, then yes. When I was first learning the ukule

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