How do you practice ukulele scales? – Best Way To Learn Songs On Ukulele Play Along

What are the tools needed to get you a solid sound?

I practice at least a couple times a week. I work using a guitar in the same way a guitar player works. I play using three tools.

The first tool is the guitar neck pickup that uses single coil pickups for both pickups. The second tool is the electric guitar tuner that allows you to tune the guitar using various keys. The third tool is a fretted instrument to play the harmonics of the guitar.

How do you play when you’re learning ukulele scales?

I don’t like to practice when you’re learning the scales. It sounds like we’re cheating by just playing ukulele scales in the morning.

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I recently had the opportunity to sit down for a brief interview with Andrew W.K.

Andrew is a Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter who has garnered multiple chart topping, hit and Grammy Award nominations, and his work has made some waves among the music community. He’s been known to perform in concert across country – at Madison Square Garden, Boston’s House of Blues and the White House – with an entire band in tow. His latest release, I Don’t Feel Comfortable, was just released in April, and you can listen to it below.

To help promote his release, Andrew has been taking donations in order to make it happen. He announced via Twitter, “I need $5000 to open up a bank account in order to raise enough money to fund my music for the rest of my life. So please donate anything at this link.” He also shared a personal note with fans; he wrote, “My story starts with an early start on a life-changing project and how it has changed my life. You know how much I love people. I think I have you all rooting for me. You’re all the motivation I need. Love you.”

I found it interesting that Andrew would share such a personal note with fans – I never think I would find such a personal note out there. He clearly had a great time working on I Don’t Feel Comfortable and was a lot more humble about recording it than what his many fans may have heard about him.


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