How do you memorize ukulele chords? – How To Learn Ukulele Tabs And Chords

Try making them as complex as you can imagine.

Now, I’m sure these simple ukulele chord examples aren’t quite as fun to play as those crazy chord examples that you’re going to see in our video (which I’m going to show you in a moment). They’re not going to be for every ukulele player, but they should provide some useful concepts for them to start the lesson out.

The first series of chords is made up of these common ukulele scale notes and their relative major and minor keys.

1. C Maj (Major Key)

2. D Maj (Minor Key)

3. D Maj (Minor Key)

4. E Major (Major Key)

5. G Major (F# Minor Key)

6. C E (F# Minor Key)

7. D F (E Minor Key)

8. E F (F Major Key)

9. Am Am (A# Minor Key)

10. Ab Em (A# Minor Key)

11. G F (G Minor Key)
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12. C Ab (C Major Key)

13. D Db (Db Minor Key)

14. C D(Gb Minor Key)

15. F F# (Gb Minor Key)

16. C F# (Gn F# Minor Key)

17. D C(Ch D-F# Minor Key)

18. C# C (F Minor Key)

19. D F# and Eb F (Gb F# Minor Key)

20. F# C (Ga F# Minor Key)

21. F# C# and Ab Gb (Gn F# Minor Key)

22. Am Am (A# Minor Key)

23. Ab Em (A# Minor Key)

24. G A(Gb Minor Key)

25. C A(F# Minor Key)

26. D C, Db(Dm Major Key)

27. Eb F (Eb Major Key)

28. C Eb (F# Major Key)

29. Am F

30. Ab Gb(Dm Major Key)

I want to take this opportunity to share a quick lesson on the fingering for D Maj.

This fingering works well with the first two chord

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