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To learn all music theory you can. There are plenty of books, websites, courses and online courses that all have different methods and styles of teaching you the fundamentals of music theory. You can also find the complete and up to date guide here.

How did you get started playing an instrument or music theory?

I started playing an instrument around the age of twelve (I’m from Scotland) and I have been playing music since high school. My teacher asked if anyone would like to help out. So I spent a few years working with a guitar teacher from our local music college as we discussed the music theory of the time. There were some things I learned that I found to be extremely useful as well as I found it to be a great way to build up my skills. I also have a little voice in the local club band to which I play on Saturdays in town and have been doing well. I’ve also got an older brother now who plays an electric guitar to me and I have been able to learn a lot of music from him as well.

Do you think your playing has improved over time?

I think my playing has improved a lot, but I don’t think it has improved very much in the way I had originally envisaged. It’s much more of the ‘what if’ thinking now which I find to be more fun to play.

Could you describe what kinds of musical problems you have?

There are a few that I do like playing that tend to come along with me around the house often. There are a couple of things that have been a part of me playing longer than I’ve been playing myself so they might not come to mind when I write though at times I might have them when I’m writing the music I like playing. There are also a few things or pieces that go along quite naturally with my approach as my family have always been musicians as they come from working in pubs and clubs and I used to do the same (instrument playing) until quite recently.

You’ve produced a large amount of music over the years – when you’re not playing/performing. What kind of music are you thinking about producing?

As I mentioned before I’m also a musician but not a musician that plays music. It was my ambition to produce music for myself that would be able to entertain people and not just be in an audience. That kind of music is the thing that really appeals to me about producing a music composition. You know it can be a great

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