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The cost of purchasing a violin from a dealer varies dramatically, but the following is a general range, based on the size and price of the instrument.

Small Violins: $80-$100 (and often more than $100, and often more than $250)

Medium Violins: $150-$250

Large Violins: $300 to $400

How do I choose a violin for myself or a friend?

For violin-buying advice, see our violin store.

How about a violin for a child?

A violin-buying guide is available.

How do I know which violin to buy for my child?

For violin-buying advice, see our violin store.

Does the violin have to be new?

No, and no one likes it when you make up a whole thing just to fit something in it. If you have an existing violin with a great sound, it’s a very good indication that your money is worth it.

There are a handful of violins that come factory-new for a good price.

The new violins are called ‘new instruments.’ Some are not a good value for money, but they are a nice step up from a new violin.

The good news is that there are many more new instruments on the market. There are also many ‘restored’ violins to choose from. If you are looking to purchase an extremely well-played new instrument, ask questions!

Why am I paying more than I need to on my violin?

The price reflects the fact that the instrument is new. There is no such thing as a ‘good price when you pay for something new.’ If you are paying more than you need to, there is a good chance you will be dissatisfied. If you are not happy with your purchase, contact us to arrange a refund for your money, or return the instrument to us for a full refund.

My friend got a new violin for Christmas that he can’t play!

The new instrument should play very well with a teacher or musician, although some teachers may want to put it in class. It is advisable to buy the older models first if you intend to place it in a class.

If your instrument is a reissue (non-new), the price will reflect the condition of the instrument, not the age of the buyer.

Who are the buyers?

The vast majority of

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