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There is an argument that because of the different frequencies involved the guitar is harder to learn than most other instruments as they require a certain sensitivity, and that can also affect the skill level of guitarists. On the other hand, it isn’t as much of a problem for piano, and it’s not so hard to train oneself; it’s just a matter of working on a range of different tasks.

The first question is a personal one, however, I would like to hear more from the pros. Is guitar easier to learn than piano because your fingers are just used to the different instrument sounds?

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The number of American jobs has been flat and is expected to decline in the upcoming months to meet increasing competition from Mexico and other countries, says a new report from the National Association of Manufacturers.

In its third annual Job Count Report on Wednesday, the trade group found that more than 843,000 jobs – about 2.2% of the total in June – were eliminated in September.

More than 611,000 Americans were moved out of the manufacturing industry in September due to increased competition from overseas and weak sales of the American automobile industry.

The new jobs report includes 3.2 million manufacturing jobs, which are an estimated 7.1% of total. The manufacturing industry is typically associated with manufacturing services.

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Brett T. Kallenberg, co-founder and president of the Manufacturing Association, noted at a news conference Wednesday that the industry is not doing better than it was in 2000 – when it had 1.2 million manufacturing jobs.

“The industry is still losing jobs and it will continue to lose jobs for nearly another two to three years,” said Mr. Kallenberg, who noted manufacturing has lost 845,000 jobs since 2000. The manufacturing industry has lost nearly 5-million jobs over the same period of time.

In a separate development Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the American Technology Council tax reform bill, which includes the elimination of the corporate

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