How much does Flowkey cost?

Here’s a breakdown of the average Flowkey cost based on the following: * Product: 1.5x or 1.6x the cost of the most expensive product you intend to use (e.g. 1.6x your basic account for a month’s worth of access, for example). * Account: 1.7x the cost of the most expensive account you have.*

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What do I need to do to sign up? Sign up using our website’s sign up form, or email our support team at Then, set up your Flowkey account by setting account settings, creating a free account, or creating a paid account of any size. Flow Key supports up to 5 accounts at anytime. If Flow Key requires you to upgrade to a paid account after making a single purchase, Flow Key will send you an email with instructions for upgrading your account. The basic account is available for free and starts at $10/mo. The premium account costs $15/mo. and is available for $25/mo. Plus, you’ll be able to receive 2x the Flowkey features for a single monthly fee if you get both the premium and the basic/free accounts. When using a paid account, you’ll need to have a user name and password. If you don’t log into your account online, you can enter a name and password using a webform on the Flowkey website. Once logged in to your account online, you’ll be able to enter your user name and password to complete your purchase. Here is how to get the user name and password in Flowkey. If you want to enable multiple user/pwd accounts, follow these steps: 1. Install Flowkey and signup at the main Flow Key website. 2. Enter a user name and password via the webform and we’ll populate your flowkey account using your login information. You can add multiple accounts, each with a different user name and password. 3. You can also choose from a variety of additional account options for each user to configure, from an email address to different password options. Flowkey also supports creating multiple user/pwd accounts for your organization, as long as you maintain the same user name and password.

Do I need the Flowkey app for Flowkey Pro? Flow Key Pro is an optional paid subscription that delivers the same account management features as Flow Key. If you choose to purchase Flow Key Pro and you don’t purchase Flow Key Plus, Flow Key Pro is also available as a