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It’s really difficult because the skills you learn in school don’t translate into any real world skills. But if you can get a tutor or have someone guide you, I think that’s possible.

How did you develop your songwriting?

It’s a combination of my background in songwriting and my experience with singing in public and teaching in public. I was always interested in making things sing and dance. The lessons at school got me to a point where I could create a song, but not much else. Once I started to sing professionally, the songwriting ability was really advanced, but also the singing side was still pretty rudimentary, which has resulted in me writing a lot of simple pop songs like “Bump That.” And then I started writing more complex songs – songs that are more complex than what I was playing in my car. I’ve been working with producer Jason Mendel and his team to develop the vocals for my upcoming solo album and to write new songs for my next record. And then there’s my singing partner, Ira Glass. She is the singer of song “Cars and Cars,” and she’s actually on board writing for this solo album. She’s really great at what she does, I’m really happy that she agreed to be involved on my next record.

What’s your relationship with your father like?

He’s incredibly supportive and loves me very much. I think that people think I’m just his son and that’s totally not the case. My dad really doesn’t like me, but he loves everything about me. My dad really is the reason I sing.

Why did you write music, and why is it important to you on a personal level rather than a business level?

It’s important to me to say that. In my opinion, music is not only an expression of myself, it’s a way for me to express myself. When people start buying a record or buying music, they don’t even have to want to hear it—they’re just looking for things that express themselves. Music is the way it works—it’s the language that allows us to express ourselves, whether it’s in writing our own songs or singing them.

What are your feelings about music as a career?

It’s hard to say. I haven’t really looked into it too much. And my career will probably end up being something that’s more like a job. If I’m lucky enough to do music full time, I’d probably get a real

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