How long does it take to learn the harmonica? – How To Play Piano Pdf

You’re going to hear this a lot. But, for many, learning the harmonica is as easy as the first chords for guitar. What’s the easiest way to learn it? A good approach is for the beginner to begin with some slow moving scale patterns. Then, play those the first time using only three-note chords, as you progress up to one chord per note.

The first few times you play those chords, your fingers will be able to move faster than if they played slowly. Once your fingers are doing that, you can slow them down so that they are still playing one note.

Once your playing is comfortable, try to add speed to those chords to get faster and more intricate chords.

It’s good to start with one type of chord that sounds good together. In this example, when you play this chord, it’s played with the one that appears the first time.

Once you’re comfortable with those, try this version, this time with the two.

You’re welcome to try other combinations.

Now that you understand the harmony between the two chords that are being played, all you have to do is practice this progression until your fingers move fast enough and your chord changes flow smoothly. This is the first piece of the song of “Waltz of the Flowers,” a popular song from the Broadway musical adaptation of “The Sound of Music.”

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