How long does it take to learn piano by ear? – Learn Piano Software Midi Router

1.0 hours on the surface, if it takes 2.5 hours a day, 10 hours on the deeper levels
– What is “staying up” on piano, for example – is there a general rule that one should never nap and never sleep?

– How is your sleeping pattern related to the way your learning happens?

– Can you recall any piano playing memories from childhood, such as the sound of the keys or the way your body felt after playing?

– When are you most surprised by things that happen – the way an instructor shows you or how the musicians are playing?

– How quickly do you reach a level? Does your brain get to the very end after 20 seconds?

– Your feelings after hearing or reading about how you have learnt your songs

– Do you get motivated to play piano because you enjoy learning them?

– How good are your memory for certain melodies?

– Can you memorize any pieces of music, when only part of the piece is being displayed to you on screen?

– As soon as the sound of a chord changes, how long does it take to identify the part of the chord changing and figure out what part of the song you should be playing?

– When is the time to stop? In your opinion, how much of this time is wasted?

– What do you have to do to know when you are ready, and when you may need to go back to learning with different instruments?

– Can you play chords (with piano) in time with the music playing around you without playing the melody?

– You often play some songs for the first time with the same instrument while others you learn from a tutor – how can you tell which you have memorized and which have been memorized from the tutor’s notes?

– Do you find it difficult to switch from one instrument on keyboard to another, in the middle of playing that you have memorized?

– Can you play the piano in 5 positions without holding down the strumming hand to make it go down in 3s?

– You know you can play any given piece with your left hand, but what about your piano playing in the hand opposite the left hand – are you still able to?

– You know that you can play any given piece using your right hand, only in two positions (both fingers are pressed down). Yet, what about your piano playing in both places, at

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