How do you play piano with both hands? – How To Learn Piano By Yourself Pdf

First off make sure you feel pretty good with your right hand and feel comfortable using it on your right. Don’t worry, we’re not trying to steal your partner’s left hand to play piano. If it’s a very tight fit, you can use your left hand when you don’t have to rely on your left hand for a lot of your work. Once you have your left hand in good working order, then you can move to your right hand to play. If that doesn’t work give your right hand a good whack and see how your left hand responds and work it back in again. Remember, only use your hand for basic things such as playing chords, playing piano, writing, etc… I don’t know what you want to do with it, but if you want to use it for more advanced stuff, you can and you will be better for it… If you have a good hand for whatever you want to do, that’s great, just give it a good whack and try again. The only way the left arm is holding up your piano playing is because the right hand is going to be using the right hand for playing chords or even music.

But if you feel that your right hand is holding you back from music, then that’s fine, we have the same right hand that is holding up our left hand. Just give your right arm a good whack and again, see how your left hand responds when you give it a good whack. You’re holding your left hand back because you want to keep music in the same place and play it.

Now, the left arm should be your best working hand again, so we can work the rest of the hand in on the piano.

Now you have both hands working together on the piano. If you have a left hand that is comfortable with left hand/piano, then you can use that hand to give to your left hand for piano, but otherwise your right hand will be used to play piano.

Once you do this and use the left hand for things for which you can give your left hand a good whack in return, you’ll find that the left hand becomes less of an obstacle in getting through the music.

Let’s practice a few chords and make sure we’re doing this as well…

Here’s an example of using the left hand and right arm, but just do it on the piano.

If the chord is in fact written, you can give it to a pianoist

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