Can you learn piano without lessons?

We’ll give you a chance and make sure we’ll give you the best possible piano lesson.

1. What will happen?

Our students will come and learn to play on the piano on an individual basis (without being taught a tonal piano) and we’ll give them personalized practice, exercises and piano lessons to help you gain the most from each practice session.

2. Will you teach me the piano?
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It’s a choice we give you every time. We will always choose to give you the best possible piano lesson. All our students learn from a personal piano teacher.

3. Does this mean I’ll lose my ability to play?

Not at all. We will leave it up to you to know which piano you want to learn to and how hard you want to train on it.

4. Will I be able to learn and develop my own skills?

With one-on-one piano lessons you’ll be able to develop your own unique skills and get better at playing the piano.

5. Which piano should I choose?

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then Donald Trump’s Twitter account should be considered a sort of weaponized version of his general-election knowledge.

On Friday, he tweeted a new meme that looked like a photo of a dog licking its own fangs. It appeared to have been inspired by a GIF made in early 2010 by comedian Jon Taffer, whose “doggie tweet” series includes a sequence showing puppies and dogs licking their own fangs.

At the end of the series, Taffer asks the dogs, “Do you lick teeth too?” This tweet was retweeted more than 2,400 times by nearly a half-million people, many of them Trump fans—but it’s worth asking: What’s to like about a new meme that looks like a photo of a dog licking its own fangs?

The dog is doing its job because the fangs are intact. The dog probably enjoys the taste of saliva. But there is also a risk that the image might just be a dog-licking-the-fangs mashup, especially considering that Trump often claims that he’s a great negotiator. (It’s possible, however, that Trump may be simply using this dog-licking-the-fangs reference as a way of showing that dogs are as smart and loyal as humans, which is why Taffer created the GIF.)

The tweet has prompted a