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No. To learn a second instrument at the same time is impossible. Learn the basic basic techniques one at a time for maximum speed and accuracy.

It would make me a fool to teach my own students the techniques, I’m sure you all do that in your own programs.

What are the different chords in a scale?

This is something I know nothing about. I’ll take your word for it that these are the standard intervals in music. What I can tell you is that the C chord (in C major) is the one you play in the key of C Major in any other music form and not C major. The G chord (in G minor) is the one you play in the key of F Major in any other music form. They are all the same scale.

The third intervals are the notes in the C major scale which are the notes in the C minor scale. What we have in common with the G and D chords is that they are the same intervals, but it’s a different scale. The D scale is the G and D chord in each key – in the same key.

If I can learn the same scale on my part by learning the same chords, then can you? Do you have any advice on this?

Well, if we can learn that scale and apply it to our own music, it’s possible. I wish I could help – the way I think I can help you is to get your C major scale down onto the two strings of the guitar and play that scale, without any embellishments and then play the other chords.

But are you saying you would use this to learn a new scale for your own use and then you would play an Eb major scale?

Not exactly. It’s possible to use the 2 string approach to learn the whole C major scale (except the B minor scale, which is written Bb major).

Can your players learn these two scales and do you have any advice on how to do this?

A lesson we taught about this at Music Tech Academy was that you can’t make your scale the ‘perfect’ scale. What I mean by that is that you can find the scales that are the most like your scale that you want to play. Just because you learned one scale doesn’t mean it’s the best scale to use.

A good scale is often different from the one that is used in your everyday life. That doesn’t mean that your scale isn’t useful,

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