Can I teach myself piano? – Learn To Play Piano App

Yes. Yes, you can! And it’s very simple to learn to play something by ear. Just listen at a piano, then you can feel how the notes feel like.

Did people get sick at the show?

There was no ill feeling, nobody fell down but some people were really scared they were going to get sick so they couldn’t play. I saw two, two girls who had this nasty cold. No people fell down. Everybody was very well. There was a man who was sick for the whole show but he came up well afterwards and he told me he had a bad flu.

Is there any chance of future shows?

Yes, I’m thinking of going again at the end of the month and hopefully I’ll get some good reviews of that.
You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban | Piano sheet music letters

The US has accused Iran of having sent military support for the Sunni-led rebellion led by the Islamic State (IS) in Syria, a charge that could cause a diplomatic backlash in Tehran.

In a statement seen by the AP on Thursday, the Pentagon said that a shipment of arms had recently arrived in Iran.

It said a number of US forces are believed to be based in Iraq to train and advise “Sunni militants … whose main objective is to overthrow the legitimate government of Iraq.”

The Pentagon could not immediately confirm reports in the Persian media saying that Iranian troops had joined the fight in neighbouring Syria, though Iranian state media has in the past said the Iraqi forces were fighting IS.

US troops are also part of an international coalition carrying out air strikes in the Iraqi cities of Mosul and Tikrit, part of an American-led campaign to oust Islamist insurgents from both.

The Pentagon said it will consider whether those units should be considered to be US allies in their action against IS, with its troops providing advice and assistance on intelligence, medical care, communications and logistics.

The US statement comes after two Iraqi officials last week said that Iran had sent reinforcements to Tikrit, in northwestern Iraq, in the past week.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard was deployed to Baghdad in March and has also been involved in the ongoing battle to push back IS forces in Anbar province in the west.

At least two US diplomats and two British diplomats have been killed in terrorist attacks carried out by IS since the jihadist group swept through northern Iraq and western Syria in mid-2014.

Iran’s official IRNA news agency on Thursday said an Iranian soldier had died in southern Iraq fighting Islamists.

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