Can I learn violin at 30? – Best Learn To Play Piano App For Kids

Probably. But don’t be surprised when your parents ask you where you learned.

The problem is that when you’re young, your mind is very different from your body. It’s easier to learn things if you understand it, as opposed to “I can’t get you my violin, so I’ll learn a piece on violin.” You’re more likely to be interested in a subject with lots of information, rather than one with something inane. This is particularly true when you’re learning.

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If you’re a beginner, that’s an opportunity because you can do everything with something tangible and not on paper, which helps you really stay focused. You don’t get a lot of practice on your first guitar or mandolin because you’re learning on the fly. You don’t get enough practice on classical instruments to learn some of these things right, so you often have to make do with things that are close to a beginner level but do not yet match what you want to learn. It can seem like you need that perfect instrument in order to do it right, but you don’t.

There is a lot of room in the world for young people in general to learn more. I’ve been in many settings in my career, and I’ve seen young, talented musicians make great progress in their instrumenting without ever becoming an accomplished classical musician. There’s a lot going on with learning as an adult, and it can be a lot of different things, but I think that there’s definitely plenty of scope for beginners to improve. People start at different places, and everyone will discover their own style of playing and how to develop it. I’ve seen more and more young students getting into classical music, and if you see them, you should be happy they’re doing it.

I’ve seen a lot of musicians who started out with lots of piano and jazz and then grew interested in classical music through playing gigs. If you give a young person the opportunity to play in an orchestra, or if they play for an orchestra and get some exposure to classical music because they’re in an orchestra, there is a lot of growth that can happen. I’ve seen a ton of great classical musicians come out of an orchestra.

Some people who begin with classical music aren’t interested in jazz or classical but who become jazz players. I’ve never heard a great jazz player who is just looking at classical, but I’ve seen a lot of pianists who are jazz and get into classical.

And that’s going to happen

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