Can I learn piano on my phone? – Basic Piano Lessons For Beginners

We encourage students to bring their computers with them as well, but students are also welcome to use the iPad, an optional device. For instructions on how to get started, please check out this interactive Web page.

What types of instruction will you offer? We are thrilled to say that the program will teach every student in our course from the first lesson. As part of this learning experience, students may explore piano’s theory, music theory, composition, and performance as well as practical skills: playing an instrument, learning to take notes, reading a book, or performing in an ensemble. Our course is aimed at everyone: those who are new to the piano or those who have a love for the instrument but who wish to explore it further on their own.

Is there a pre-requisites to take the CSCS piano study course? Yes, students should take their piano course before taking this course. For students who wish to learn piano on a computer, we suggest that they take the Piano 101 course first.

What is the cost of the piano course fee to the student? The fee is $150 plus course materials. The fee includes the cost of digital textbooks plus course materials: music theory, music theory music notation, composition, and musical performance. The fee would also include the cost of one week of studio time if you choose to record your work beforehand. A copy of the piano course manual, which is available in the online music library, is included free of charge with this fee. The digital keyboard or guitar that you take with you to our studio in your dorm room may be used in part or in its entirety by the student on the course, provided you have obtained the necessary permissions as described within the course materials. Please note that when taking the class, the student will not be able to play on any other keyboard or guitar. However, when recording your work, the student will be able to use your own keyboard or guitar. In addition, the student will be granted access to the online music library in order to upload their work for subsequent use by others.

What is included when I choose not to take the classical piano classes offered through CSCS? The classes offered through CSCS will be taught in tandem with the piano courses offered through the Music Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University, and will be offered at a higher standard in terms of quality and length than those offered at the Music Conservatory of the Arts Academy. The piano classes offered at the Music Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University will be taught

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