Can adults learn piano?

I don’t think so! I think you have to go through years and many lessons in order to be able to do things like practice with your fingers and all those kinds of things. I guess that means, a very strong level of technical skill as well.

How often do you practice? Are you a fast learner?

For the past six months, I have been doing piano lessons from about 4-7 days per week. That is quite a slow rate for a pianist.

Are there things you don’t know?

There are things that are really challenging in piano. But, as long as we keep doing them, I am sure I will be able to perform well.

Tell us about your personal piano.

I love it so much. It’s the second year that I bought it. When my teacher gave me the keyboard after I bought it, he showed me the colors of different notes. I never could get the colors that I imagined.

Is there anything special about the piano that’s made by Ludwig Plessen or what?

Yes, that is the piano! The Ludwig piano has two different keys. The piano with only the lower one is called the Ludwig C-Key. They made a lot of music with these keys.

Why do you need to buy this piano?

Because in Germany, the standard piano (from P. Lippert) is not made anymore. They made the Ludwig C-Key. If you go to a real piano maker, they won’t let you see it. For me, the quality is so high, even though I can’t play with it.

What is your average speed on your piano?
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In the beginning, it can be quite slow. Then, my fingers get stronger and faster.

How fast is your fingering?

A piano feels different if you have to play a simple chord every time. If I am playing “C” and “T”, you can easily hear, in my head, this is the note I need to play, that’s why I play them on the keys that I have trained on for years.

Can you play the chord the same way and the same keys every time?

For a long time, I got the feeling that this isn’t enough. For example when I play the “C” key down in the D minor key, I can easily play a chord that’s the same every time, that’s why I