Can 4 year old learn piano?

The right thing for everyone.

For me they are part of my life – and to learn piano, I would do anything.

But it all changed when I started on PianoBach music lessons.

My youngest daughter was very young by that time.

She started piano lessons with the teacher she would grow up to become. And then she left for school.

And at the end of the year she left again.

But just when she was turning 10, she started going through a few things in her life that put her off piano, and I have always known, for as long as I can remember, that she was a talented musician.

After school at night I taught her on an iPad at home.

I would also help with her homework and do the reading.

I would be the go to person when her father needed her.

To get her going on a musical instrument.

She began to really get into it.

She started to teach herself to play the piano.

And as she got better at it, she decided she wanted to get better and learn everything as well.

She took piano lessons again.

She started practicing at the piano with teacher and I.

She started to make sure she did a good job of it.

Just like she still does at home.

Soon her dad saw her starting to do really well.

And just at the right time, the teacher told me her teacher had a great idea for how to get her into what I would call an “intermediate level.”

It’s a skill you don’t really get till you are about 18.

But the more you practice, the better you get.

So it’s not that far away from playing the piano for real.

I told her, I will teach her everything I know – and my advice is to go to the piano every day.

That’s what I did.

And when we weren’t playing on the piano, or taking piano classes, she was sitting at home learning math and science.

I took on a whole new level of help with my daughter’s schoolwork.
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And with the help of teachers, friends, a local music teacher and then my wife – she also was in school.

And she became a little girl that could play the piano on her own.

A true musician!

And I am so